Bukowski the Band

I'm Bukowski!

We Are . . .

the godssmile down,
the godssmile down,
the godssmile down.

Our great inspirator in life Bukowski, may he rest in peace, has given the world a lot. His beautiful poems will forever live on into our lives. In our hearts. In our lives.

The many poems and rich stories of this beautiful man we have translated into our music and try to reach out and not let this unique man be forgotten.

Let us talk a bit about our selves. Our lives, we are musicians! And we play yes. We always have a message in our music because THAT IS IMPORTANT, IT’S NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES! Believe I learned it the hard way. When we first move to this country and started our expat life in Singapore (by the way, every month we will place a new story here, so stay tuned, or better yet, follow us on social media!) and we went surfing. Now James, Simon and Rodney were the smart ones, they had an insurance for all their travels. However Michael had yet found a pretty good international health insurance and while going surfing you never know what can happen. Nothing intense like with a shark. But yeah, you guessed, he took an awesome wave but hit his arm so hard on the coral it split open. HE COULDN’T play for a week.. so it was finally a bit calm for us, nah we’re joking. We ran off to the hospital and he was luckily. If he was cut somewhere else it would have cost and taken much longer. Anyway that was our tip of this month. Check in next month for our Guitar tips and tricks, Rodney has a basket full of them.

Simon (voice), Michael (guitar), James (guitar), Rodney (drums) and Jim (bas)

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